Bundled services for introduction of 1C program series and integration with websites.

Work for reputation

Instantaneous service

Wide experience

What we do

· Sell standard 1C solutions · Install and update configurations · Refine configurations · Program and customize 1C reports under your requirements · Customize interfaces and access rights · Connect to the systems submitting accounts via Internet · Upload/Download any data from/to 1C · Adjust data exchange between different 1C bases and other systems · Transfer data of 1С 7.7(8.х) < – > 1С 7.7(8.х) · Adjust data exchange with websites · Optimize 1C, provide base rollup · Refine Bitrix24.

In other words:

Поможем выбрать и купить типовые решения

1С Бухгалтерия, 1С УПП,
1С Управление торговлей,
1С ЗУП и другие.

Adapt 1C fairly and efficiently

If we run out of time, we ask friends and ex-colleagues to help us, but we’ll never miss a deadline

Reliable support of what we have done or what anybody else has done before us

1C Programmer service costs from 1490 rub/hour

How do
we work?

It usually happens this way:

We resolve your issues

Sometimes even without prepayments.

You check the result.

You appreciate quality, agility and communication mode.

Prompt assistance

If you have a question or a trivial task, we resolve it here and now by the aid of our prompt assistance service.
Our consultant will help you to enter the mode of remote support and resolve your problem.

Why we are better?

Perhaps, we are no better and no worse than our colleagues,

Но, we are exactly what you need!
  • Good market average price - 1790 rub/hour for work of a specialist
  • You will be served by certified specialists
  • Agreements and non-cash transactions
  • Guarantee for all works performed
  • 1C official partner

However we differ from our colleagues after all

We are online 24/7 with quick response within 5 minutes

Test our calculator online 24/7. Within 5 minutes the specialist will calculate your task and time to fulfill it. Do not hesitate to ask!You are welcome!

Power of two technologies: 1 C and 1 C Bitrix

We designed internet shops with contents of 15000 sku. There is no possibility now for business with vastness of data not to use powerful accounting and operation control systems that are supported by 1C solutions with perfect excellence.

There is no need to order Internet project designs somewhere else and then coordinate work of two performers. Our skills in both fields allow us to create really interesting and effective trade systems.

We are able to cope with complex tasks

Our services are not limited to selling software packages or subscription for tech support. That is not our prior part of partnership. We are intended to deal with complex and integrated tasks.

Nevertheless, if you have an ordinary problem, you are welcome too! We understand that your business may grow up and we are ready to build mutually beneficial long-term relationships.

Advanced technologies

We apply advanced technologies. AGILE is one of a kind that supports the Customer with ready results much faster. Improvement work is an ongoing process, published with intervals of 1-2 weeks. This allows Customer to see the intermediate result and adjust requirements for the product.

Product evolves evading expenses for huge preliminary specifications. You see& understand why and what for you pay.


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How much does it cost to solve your problem?

  • Here is an answer!
  • Without telephone requests or any others
  • Without registration!
  • We need 5 minutes to calculate your task
The price calculation is under construction. We apologize in advance in a case of malfunction. For troubleshooting, please contact our tech support info@gagarinbit.ru.
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Headquarters address: 7, Stadionnaya str, The city of sciences Korolev, Russian Federation
Email: info@gagarinbit.ru - Telephone: 8-499-288-1647